7 cleaning tips with home ingredients

Phantom Screens / July 22, 2016

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Everyone is trying to avoid harsh chemicals in their homes, after all, they can cause all kinds of problems from skin issues to asthma. But there’s no need to worry. There are plenty of natural ingredients that you probably already have in your home that you can use instead. They’re green and they’ll help you get clean! So here are seven household items you can use to clean your home.


Life giving you lemons? Use them for cleaning! There are so many ways you can use lemon juice for cleaning. For example, mix lemon juice with salt (until it’s a paste) and use it to clean stains from your sink. And if you’ve got a smelly garbage disposal unit, cut up a lemon, throw it in and grind it up to remove odors. For a smelly kitchen, heat up your oven (300 F) and place a whole lemon on the center rack. Bake it with the oven door ajar for about 15 minutes and then turn off your oven. It’ll fill your kitchen with a lovely citrus aroma.

Baking soda

You only have to Google “cleaning with baking soda” and you’ll find a million and one ideas of what to do! From smelly sponges to dirty microwaves, baking soda really does clean a multitude of grime. It’s perfect for cleaning pots and pans, the oven, silver flatware and even sports gear. For something that lays around at the bottom of our cupboard, it’s a pretty amazing and versatile cleaning product.


Vinegar is a wonderful liquid for cleaning. You can use it in all kinds of ways since it’s fantastic for pretty much anywhere in the home. It can remove bathtub film and soap residue from shower doors. You can use it to unclog your showerhead, coffee machine, microwave, kitchen drain, refrigerator, cutting boards, stainless steel appliances and even the toilet!


Long before we had rubber squeegees and microfiber cloths, we had newspaper! And newspaper is a great way to clean glass and mirrors. All you need to do is wipe off the glass in a circular pattern. After that, simply switch to vertical then horizontal strokes until all the liquid has gone. You’ll be left with a sparkling, streak free window! Just be careful to avoid vinyl frames so you don’t get them marked with newsprint.

Coffee filters

Much like newspapers, coffee filters are also great for cleaning windows. They’re lint free so they won’t leave any residue. And like newspapers, they’re pretty inexpensive too. If you run out of cotton balls when you’re removing nail polish, you can use a coffee filter instead. And if you’re fed up with your food exploding in the microwave, then use a coffee filter on top. You can throw it away and it doesn’t contain anything that will contaminate your food.

Banana skins

OK. Here’s a crazy one. Banana peels. Did you know you can use them to polish your shoes? Well, yes you can. You can also chop them into small pieces and put them under rosebushes to ward off aphids. And talking of plants, you can also use them to polish leaves to remove dust and give them a healthy shine.


Think toothpaste is only for cleaning your teeth? Think again! It’s fabulous for cleaning your car’s headlights. It’ll take scuff out of shoes, deodorize baby bottles, polish diamonds, remove crayon from walls and even clean up pimples!