From Pucks To Patios: How Mike Weaver And Carrie Rowan Created The Perfect Family Oasis

Mike Weaver and Carrie Rowan enjoying their upgraded patio space with Phantom Screens

“If these screens were a player on the team, they’d be a defenseman,” says Mike Weaver as we sat down to talk at his Ontario home. We’ll take his word for it: as a former NHL player and defenseman, we trust he knows what he’s talking about. He does have thirteen years of professional experience, and he self-proclaims he “ate pucks for a living.”

Mike and Carrie both have a drive for success, with Carrie’s 10-plus years of business and Mike’s need to keep busy, from his accomplished NHL career and companies, Defense First and Coach Them, to fixing things around the house. It was a match made in heaven when Mike and Carrie found Phantom Screens, allowing them to blend nature and the outdoors seamlessly with family comfort.

Outdoor Patio area with Phantom Screens Retractable screen doors leading inside

The lush trees and manicured lawn are the perfect backdrop to Mike and his partner Carrie Rowan’s Ontario home, and their modern yet cozy patio space is the ideal place for their family. It’s easy to see how important outdoor living is to them with the effort they put into their backyard and how often they love escaping to their farm up north.

The Problem:
Their family home is overrun by animals (the small kind!). With the three Siamese cats and an adorable little dog, Mike and Carrie are constantly on high alert to ensure their four-legged family members don’t escape. We couldn’t get through our visit with them before a chipmunk made its way over for a close-up. 

In addition to the critters (both the wanted and unwanted kind), Mike and Carrie were looking to increase their home’s square footage that allows them to breathe in the fresh air, let in more natural light, and give them more privacy from peering neighborly eyes. 

With both a covered and uncovered patio space, there was much to consider on how Phantom Screens could make their life just a little easier. 

Mike Weaver and Carrie Rowan enjoying quality pet time with their small dog

How’d We Help? 

With their love of the outdoors, Mike and Carrie knew they wanted something to help expand their living space. With a desire to elongate the warmer Canadian seasons, enjoy the fresh air with their family, and provide privacy from their neighbors, it was only natural that Phantom Screens came to the rescue. Their needs were met with a strong defense against pests in their outdoor spaces. Their home is now equipped with several Phantom Screens products.

For their enclosed, covered patio, they now have:

For access to their uncovered patio space, Mike and Carrie now have:

  • One set of Phantom retractable door screens with captured edge option on the double doors leading from the living room to the backyard

Siamese cat looking out a Phantom Screens retractable door screen

“The nice thing about having [Phantom] Screens is, no matter what happens, no matter the changes with nature, you kind of have a space that you can know is safe of wildlife that you want to keep out, including chipmunks, birds, all that sort of stuff,” Mike Weaver said. 

Phantom Screens not only created an outdoor area ready for entertaining, these additions merge the indoors with the out to bring fresh air and sunshine into the home. With the captured edge option added to the retractable door screens, Mike and Carrie can rest assured that their pets are safe inside and no critters are getting in. 

Mike Weaver and Carrie Rowan sitting outside on their back patio

Life Is Better When We Stick Together
Mike and Carrie can now enjoy their outdoor space to its full potential. Partnerships like this will hopefully open the eyes of even more homeowners to their homes’ untapped potential, allowing their families to enjoy the joys of the outdoors inside and take the comfort of the indoors out. We would say that’s a game-changer. 

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Jessica Croft | February 2024