5 Mike Weaver Approved Reasons to Expand Your Outdoor Living Space

Mike Weaver and Carrie Rowan sitting in front of their Phantom Screens

“I really wanted the new space to work well with the indoor space to sort of blend easily so it didn’t feel like you were in an addition, it felt like you were in part of the home, but still have a bit of an outdoor feel.” – Carrie Rowan

Mike and Carrie love the outdoors. Whether they’re spending time on their patio, gardening, or taking a trip up north to their farm, it’s understandable that they would want to elongate their outdoor time as long as possible. Which is a bit of a challenge when they have three cats, a dog, and a whole horde of critters who live in their backyard.  

With their new upgraded patio space, they couldn’t be happier, so we’re sharing their top 5 reasons why expanding your outdoor space is a must.



  1. “I love gardening. So I’m outdoors a lot, which is why this room is so important for me. And why this indoor-outdoor space sort of works for what I enjoy doing.”- Carrie Rowan

    Transforming an indoor-outdoor space is a great option for those with a green thumb, as it provides an enchanting backdrop for the art of gardening. With an upgraded space seamlessly integrating nature and comfort, the joy of potting, seeding, and feeding plants lets any gardening enthusiast get their hands dirty without needing extra storage or workspace. You can also bring your plants into your sheltered area and enjoy them while sipping on your favorite beverage. 

Cold Climate 

  1. “In Canada, there’s, you know, we really got three nice seasons. And when you don’t have an indoor outdoor space, it kind of limits that time. And I feel like when you can elongate that, it can give you a boost in a lot of ways.” – Carrie Rowan

    As the chill of the cooler months set in, upgrading to an indoor-outdoor space offers a cozy retreat that allows one to still enjoy the beauty of nature without braving the cold. With features like fireplaces, Phantom Screens, and cozy furniture, the upgraded space becomes a welcoming haven year-round, providing the perfect balance between indoor comfort and outdoor allure even in the cooler months.

    Fresh air for the home 
  2. “Carrie likes to have everything open, so we ended up doing the double-french door screen. We also ended up having the door screen off the kitchen. …We [also] got the double-french door screens, which is great because it creates an amazing airflow between the two.” – Mike Weaver

    An upgraded indoor-outdoor space serves as a gateway to passive fresh air, creating a healthier indoor environment with better air circulation and quality. With seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor areas, this upgraded space invites the refreshing breeze and natural scents, creating an atmosphere of rejuvenation while listening to the sounds of the neighborhood and brightening the interior.

  3. “Then we ended up putting the motorized screens for the patio. So it gives us basically every option you could think of. We’re able to have these up and have these on, so it keeps the cats inside. But we’re also able to open up [the screens] and also put these down, allows the cats to come out.– Mike Weaver

    Creating an indoor-outdoor space provides a secure environment for pets, allowing them to enjoy the fresh air safely without the worry of escaping. With Phantom Screens, you can designate a pet-friendly area that turns your patio into the perfect catio. The space offers peace of mind for pet owners, ensuring their furry companions can roam freely without the risk of wandering off or encountering potential hazards.

  4. “I had a couple girlfriends over for a glass of wine the other day and it was really cool to see the reactions of the screens going up and down, and I think they all want it now.” – Carrie Rowan

    Joining the indoors and outdoors in perfect harmony prepares your outdoor space for entertaining. Whether you’re cooking up something on the BBQ for an al fresco dinner or having an intimate moment by the fire, you know that your space will be interruption-free for whatever you need. Just know your guests will be wanting to come back again and again. 

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Jessica Croft | March 2024