Making Life Better for Mike Weaver

Phantom Screens with outdoor fire pit at night

Mike Weaver, a retired NHL defenseman, and his partner, Carrie Rowan, an established entrepreneur and garden enthusiast, spend their days with their dog and three cats. They can enjoy their Oakville, Ontario home and its blissful backyard when they’re not busy with their many commitments, from fixing furniture to running businesses. 

With three cats and a dog, keeping the pets happy and safe was a high priority for Mike and Carrie. They were looking for an outdoor space that they could enjoy without worrying about their pets getting out or critters and bugs getting in. 

With Phantom Screens’ help, Mike and Carrie now have a space that lets their pets enjoy the fresh air without escaping. See 5 ways how Mike and Carrie kept their pets protected. 

For their enclosed, covered patio, they now have:

  • Two Phantom motorized retractable screens
  • Two Phantom oversized retractable door screens
  • One set of Phantom retractable door screens with captured edge option for easy access on the double doors from the patio to the dining room
  • One single Phantom retractable door screen with captured edge option for access from the patio to the kitchen

For access to their uncovered patio space, Mike and Carrie now have:

  • One set of Phantom retractable door screens with captured edge option on the double doors leading into the living room

Phantom Screens not only creates an outdoor area ready for entertaining, but these screen additions help to bring fresh air and sunshine into the home. With the captured edge option added to the retractable door screens, Mike and Carrie can rest assured that their pets are safe inside and no critters are getting in. 

Phantom Screens offers an adaptable solution that blends into Mike and Carrie’s home, creating comfort and convenience. With their luxury catio, they (and their pets) can enjoy the neighborhood views while keeping insects and critters at bay. Phantom Screens elevates this family’s living space, offering a sanctuary where they can relax, entertain, and connect with nature, making their life just a little better. 

See how Phantom Screens made Mike and Carrie’s patio dreams come true; see the full Mike Weaver story here.


Jessica Croft | March 2024