Power Plays Against Pests: Mike Weaver’s All-Star Bug Defense

Ladybug on Phantom Screens

“If these screens were a player on the team, they would be a defenseman, the defender of… The bug.”
-Mike Weaver

Phantom Screens infographic for bug protection

Say bye to bugs. With the touch of a button, you can transform your space – that’s the ultimate power play against pests. Here’s the complete guide for how Phantom Screens can defend against all party interrupters.

  • Screens seamlessly blend into your home’s design- there when you need them, gone when you don’t
  • The best defense against pests, critters, debris and sun
  • Add a captured edge option to your Phantom Screens retractable door screen to keep your pets safe 
  • Completely customizable to your space and needs
  • As Mike Weaver, former NHL defenseman, claims, our screens “could take a few pucks to them” 

Phantom Screens infographic

Phantom Screens are The Defender of…

The Bugs
Say farewell to those irritating mosquitoes and pesky flies that seem determined to crash your outdoor party. Phantom Screens act as a seamless barrier, keeping bugs at bay. Enjoy a bug-free zone and forget those bothersome bites while you soak in the beauty of the great outdoors.


The Elements
Maintaining a cozy living space is important as temperatures and the elements shift throughout the year. Keep the pollen, leaves, and debris out with Phantom Screens.

Want extra protection against the elements? Get the best of both worlds with  Phantom’s retractable vinyl screens. Whether you’re dealing with hot summers, chilly winters, or transitional months, vinyl screens offer a solution for enjoying your space regardless of the weather.


The Escape Artists

Our captured edge option helps keep your furry friends  secure, whether they’re laying in a sunny patch to sunbathe or pressing their nose against the screen to enjoy the fresh air. The captured edge option means that the mesh is secured in the tracks to keeps pets in and pests out, and prevent blow-outs in breezy conditions.

With captured edges, these screens won’t pop in or out of their frame, even when you open and close the door to let the dog back in for the hundredth time.

Create the perfect patio space fit just for you and your family. With professional installation and complete customization, you’ll be enjoying the fresh air in no time.

Want to read more about how Phantom Screens made Mike and Carrie’s patio dreams come true? Read the full Mike Weaver story here.


Jessica Croft | March 2024