5 Ways Mike Weaver Pawsitivily Protected Pets With Phantom Screens

Mike Weaver with Phantom Screens

With three cats and a dog, keeping the pets happy and safe is a high priority for Mike Weaver and his partner, Carrie Rowan. In order to keep their four-legged family members safe and secure, Mike and Carrie worked with Phantom Screens to always have peace of mind when opening their doors to fresh air.

“We have three cats and a dog. And there’s a lot of pet and fur madness around here. But they are part of our family, and they’re part of our day-to-day life, and something that I really enjoy is having them with me” -Carrie Rowan

Carrie Rowan Phantom Screens

1. Phantom Retractable Screens for Patios

Mike and Carrie could expand their living space to the outdoors with Phantom Screens’ retractable door screens and retractable patio screens without having to do a large renovation on their Ontario home. 

“…And our cats are not like normal cats. I’m telling you, they’re like, they play fetch, they’re always around us. And now, since having this, they’re out with us all the time. And they just absolutely love this extension of the house.”  -Mike Weaver

Open the doors to let the air and light in while their pets are safe indoors, or lower the patio screens and create a new space ready for relaxation and rejuvenation. This purrfect cozy spot is where the whole family will enjoy, including the cats, making it the ultimate catio.


Phantom Screens Retractable door screen

2. Climate Comforts

“It’s getting a little chilly right now, and we are still outside, and usually we would be inside at this time of the year. So I think the cats absolutely love it. The dog loves it.” -Mike Weaver

Let the light and fresh air in for passive cooling, or lower the screens on their covered patio space to help keep the climate just right. Having a patio space expands their home’s footprint and helps these happy homeowners elongate the seasons to enjoy more agreeable temperatures. A big plus for their Oakville, Ontario home.


Cat with Phantom Screens retractable screens

3. Feline Friendly Fresh Air

“…First thing in the morning, when I would come down to get coffee and that sort of thing, I would keep all the doors closed because I was concerned about the cats escaping because they’re indoor cats. And it was sort of preventing us from breathing in that fresh air on a regular basis. So the nice thing about having the new screens is there’s no risk of the cats getting out.” -Carrie Rowan

Mike and Carrie have created a space that helps their pets enjoy the fresh air as well as the sights and sounds of the neighborhood. The ultimate catio is made with just a press of a button or the slide of a door. This home is pet – and human – friendly without compromising their home’s design. 

4. Keeping Pests Out and Pets in

Phantom Screens is like a superhero for your home, keeping pesky bugs at bay while creating a safe haven for your pets. Cleverly designed screens let the fresh breeze in, but not the unwanted critters, ensuring Mike and Carrie’s space is a bug-free and critter-free paradise while letting their pets enjoy the scenery. Even pesky acorns aren’t getting into their space. 

“Being able to keep the cats in and the mosquitoes out combined with being able to see the beautiful nature. That’s what appealed to us.” -Mike Weaver

Mike Weaver and Carrie Rowan with Phantom Screens
5. Defining Defense 

“The one thing that we loved was the option of, it has this really cool, it has a zipper at the bottom near your screens. I’ve never seen that before. It doesn’t allow the cats or the animals to get underneath and also probably keeps the squirrels from coming in the house.” -Mike Weaver

Our captured edge option for retractable door screens provides ultimate protection. This solution helps prevent small pets from escaping, unwanted pests from entering, and mesh blowing out from the track. This captured edge option completely secures the mesh in the top and bottom tracks and will help give Mike and Carrie peace of mind without any extra bulk or distractibility from your home’s design. 

These 5 ways together have created the perfect oasis for Mike and his family while being assured their pets are safe. Whether they are entertaining, relaxing at home, or wanting fresh air for their home, they are confident that their screens are there to help make their lives just a little bit better.


“…This has allowed us to have a little gathering area that even the pets could enjoy.” Phantom Screens is all about making life better, and we’re confident we achieved that for these happy homeowners.  -Mike Weaver


Jessica Croft | March 2024