Your windows can save you money

Phantom Screens / November 30, 2017

Your windows can save you money…

or end up costing you a fortune

Of course, style is important when choosing windows for your home – but the most important factor are whether or not your windows are going to save you money. Making the right choices first will not only save time, but won’t end up costing you a fortune in energy bills! When remodeling your windows, choosing energy-efficient designs will ensure that you’re making sure to keep the air and heat indoors. Not only do windows need to keep your home safe from the elements, they also need to provide sun and shade when desired. Read below for some tips to keep in mind when you begin tackling your next window remodeling project. Remember that window installation is tricky business so be sure to hire a pro to get the job done right!

  • Installation is key
  • Having your windows properly installed the first time is key when choosing your new decor. If a window isn’t properly installed, water may leak indoors causing damage to your home. Use building wrap and flashing tape to direct water in a different direction, preventing it from running inside your windows. For the trim, remember to leave open weep holes to allow moisture to seep out of your windows to avoid rotting. Also, consider the type of siding your home has: brick, vinyl and wood all require different installation processes!

  • Choose the right frame
  • Framing a window is just as important as the window itself, so take note of all of the different options you have available. If you live in a humid climate, a frame material such as aluminum would be wise to use as it will less likely be damaged by the humidity. This material can withstand rainy climates as well as hurricane-strength winds. Wood frames are not the best for humid climates as they tend to rot in extreme temperatures, but they are a great option for dry climates! These frames do require upkeep to maintain their strength and appearance, but overall, they are a great choice for many areas. If you want a frame that can be used in many types of climates, try wood-clad. This material offers a temperature-controlled interior together with a strong outer frame, similar to aluminum. For proper installation, these frames should be accompanied by waterproof rubber membranes.

  • Proper ventilation
  • If you live in a warmer climate, proper window ventilation will provide comfort and flexibility. For security and ventilation, go for hopper-style windows, which have small openings that let air in while still keeping you protected. If your home does not require ventilation, a fixed window is an excellent choice. The window will not only provide a great view, it will also ensure quality ventilation for your space.

  • Energy efficiency
  • Make sure to check out all your glass options that can be used on your new windows to determine if you’re getting the most energy efficient material for the price you’ll be paying. Look for low rates of U-value, a measurement of heat loss from a window, and solar heat gain coefficient, which shows how much heat enters your home through the glass. Phantom Screens are the perfect addition to your energy efficient upgrades. Retractable screens are great at keeping either the heat or cool air in, depending on what you desire. Phantom Screens will do this and also improve the value, look and ability of your window, giving you protection from the outdoors while blending in with the rest of your home decor.