3 Spaces That Are Enhanced by Phantom Screens

Sandeep / October 21, 2019

3 Spaces That Are Enhanced by Phantom Screens

by Brittany Chaffee


Now that the summer heat is officially simmering down, it’s time to throw open the windows and let the crisp breeze come in! Also, it’s extremely beneficial in home design (like good lighting) to open up a space. So, the product we’re featuring in this blog is the coveted Phantom Screen. These retractable screen doors can be used for windows, outdoor spaces (patios, porches and lanais), multi-panel systems and doors. Imagine a double french door that opens up to the fresh air without the burden of bugs at your ankles, yeah it’s that good! Convenience is key in interior decorating so let’s take a dance through some beautiful examples of Phantom Screens being used in our client’s homes.

Here’s a roundup of are our favorite spaces using the product and how you can incorporate into your own home.

Lake Minnetonka’s Classic Elegance

In this recent gorgeous project, the home owners wanted to strategically shelter their elevated deck overlooking Lake Minnetonka’s Smithtown Bay. Most importantly, the owner didn’t want to sacrifice the integrity of the space’s outdoor feel, natural light spilling in and view from the lake. The twist? The solution had to blend architecturally and look as if it had been designed with the home twenty years prior. In this particular home, the motorized phantom screen walls and a side divider feature performance-engineered, high-quality screening. Therefore, the constant pressure of harsh sun and wind gusts are minimized. Helpful porch tip: For really wonderful outdoor kitchenette options for your new porch, NatureKast offers some gorgeous waterproof cabinetry that will last. Also, Blaze Outdoor Products are a wonderful solution for mixing and matching pieces that fit your grilling needs; they have a lifetime warranty.

To top off the beautiful architecture and deck design, the open space enhances the home’s lakeside elevation. Since the screens are hard to see, the home’s natural architecture isn’t compromised. The classic white columns, railings and cedar decking still pop.

2018 Phantom Screens Impact Award Winner

Lake Elmo’s Year-Round Screen Porch Dreams

The goal for this Lake Elmo couple was to enlarge their screened porch for family get togethers and to maintain a clean, minimalist ambiance. They were looking for an innovative solution since they were unable to expand their porch any further because of the pond near their home. Mom’s Design Build came up with a concept that fit their needs. A pergola with operable louvers was added with descending vinyl and the screen wall panels. Voila!

When the outer wall was moved from the existing porch and the phantom screens were added, the view to the pond was no longer obstructed. The customized pergola frame added support for the phantom screen panels, all controlled by wall switches. To top it off, heaters were added to the ceiling to make the porch year-round friendly, even in Minnesota. The home was featured on Star Tribune, and you can read even more about the porch haven. Helpful porch tip: If you’re looking for a quality product that works great here, Structure Outdoor has a louvre roof system that incorporates phantom screens for home renovating projects like these.


Edina’s Porcelain Porch

With clever design and sharp, solvable products – a home can turn into anything you could ever dream of! That’s the case for this homeowner’s well designed porch. This porch, accented on the inside with a copper fireplace hearth, a separate room for dining and an outdoor grass patio for grilling and lounging, makes for the perfect entertaining hub. Phantom Screens can close off the sitting room to the table area, if you want to use one or the other – making the space effortlessly functional. Helpful porch tip: To make the porch terrace look high quality, contemporary, and new, Belgard porcelain paver is a wonderful option. They are flexible and can be laid on grass, gravel, dirt or sand, similar to indoor tiles with extra thickness and durability. They don’t need grout or adhesives, which makes them incredibly effortless to install. Oh, and all of their options are beautiful.

Edina Porch.jpg

All of these spaces are exquisitely dreamy – and if you are ever thinking about opening up your outdoor space give us a call and schedule a consultation today!

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