Prevent UV rays from damaging your decor

Phantom Screens / August 4, 2016

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As the sun soaks through your windows, it leaves a cozy warm spot inside. You may like huddling beneath this light during the winter. Your pets probably enjoy napping in the sun spot. However, ultraviolet rays aren’t blocked by glass and they can damage your décor over time.


UV rays can make the fabric on your sofas and chairs brittle and prone to breaking. Smoother fabrics – like silk – are especially vulnerable. The sun will also drain color from fabrics. Antique furniture has most likely already sustained sun damage and is especially delicate. Keep these pieces out of direct sunlight. Wooden antiques are likely to darken and crack in the sun as older varnishes do not protect against UV rays. Outdoor furniture is also at risk. Cover patio furniture when it is not in use.
The best way to protect furniture from damages caused by the sun is to keep the pieces in the dark. However, this isn’t entirely plausible, as you probably enjoy sitting near your windows. To mitigate the bleaching effects of the sun, regularly reorganize the furniture in your home. This way, half of your sofa doesn’t fade while the other half remains vibrant. If you have throw blankets, place them on the parts of furniture that are exposed to UV rays.


The sun will also bleach color from rugs and carpeting. One way to prevent half a rug from turning dull is to spin it around once a year. This way, each end gets equal sun exposure. Moving the rug doesn’t make it immune to damage, but at least it will not have uneven color.
Wood flooring will darken and potentially crack. There isn’t much you can do in the way of protecting wood floors and carpeting other than preventing UV rays from entering the home altogether, which can be accomplished with the installation of retractable window screens.


Your paintings and photos can be bleached by sunlight. Putting them in glass frames help, although glass does not block 100 percent of UV rays emitted by the sun. When purchasing frames, ask for laminated glass or for glass that has been given a UV protective coating. Avoid placing art in direct sunlight. If you leave a painting in the sunlight in one spot for too long, the wall color around it will bleach, while the area beneath it will remain saturated. When you pull the art off the wall, you may find a square of color. Keeping pictures away from direct light will prevent this.


UV rays can damage the skin in various ways. Too much sun will age your skin, kill cells and potentially cause skin cancer. Untreated glass will not prevent all UV rays from entering your home, so you are still at risk when you are indoors. Even if you cannot see the damage done to your skin, it doesn’t mean it’s not there.


Phantom Screens offers mesh options that include varying degrees of UV blockage. Your retractable window screens can be lowered to prevent the sun from causing damage in your home, or raised on cloudy days. Customize your screens to add ease to your life while still protecting your home from the damaging effects of sunlight. Retractable screens are the best option for ensuring that your carpets and wood flooring will be protected, as they cannot be moved out of the sun.