Architects, Design with Screens in Mind

In the last decade, almost 7 million single-family homes were built, according to Housingwire. Needless to say, architects and builders have been incredibly busy to meet the demand for new housing. 

Even though the need for new construction is high, it’s still important for architects and builders to incorporate unique selling features into their design. Window screens may seem like just a small piece of the whole, but they are an important design element that many homeowners look for. 

Here are some reasons to design your next project with them in mind: 

Reduce sun glare

Screens do more than block debris and insects from entering a home, they can actually block light. Many homeowners end up investing in solar shades after they purchase their home to reduce sunlight and heat entering through a window. These treatments make windows more energy efficient and can save homeowners money, according to

While window, door and wall screens are available as an aftermarket addition, a good way to appeal to homebuyers is to incorporate this feature from the start so buyers can see firsthand how they organically incorporate into the look of the property. Retractable solar screens provide all the same glare and heat reducing functionality, but are out of sight when not in use and are part of the window.

When building a home, consider how the sunlight hits the property throughout the day. Depending on the surroundings and direction the home faces, retractable solar window screens may be the best option to include in the design.

Add privacy

As a designer, you should also consider what the landscape or neighborhood is like. For instance, if a home is built close to other houses, privacy will likely be a concern for prospective buyers. The solar screens previously mentioned also work to add some privacy when in use. This way, homeowners can enjoy opening their windows without worrying about neighbors or passerbys seeing into their home. 

Keep privacy in mind as you design other home elements as well. Adding retractable screens to an outdoor porch or patio in a project situated in a busy neighborhood can appeal to buyers looking to create their own secluded oasis.

Consider the climate

Finally, it’s important to know the typical climate where the home is being built. Is it situated in a state prone to wind and rain? Are winters harsh, or is the climate temperate year-round? This will help you determine how often a homeowner will be wanting to open their windows and let in the fresh air, how sturdy the screens should be and if bugs and debris are a common issue.

Of course, for many homeowners, winter is the time to keep screens closed. In summer, a warm breeze is welcome but bugs and other pests must be kept out. That’s why retractable screens offer the best of both worlds. When not in use, the screen is protected and homeowners have a crystal-clear view of the outdoors. When the window is opened, a sturdy screen easily retracts to let in the fresh air. 

Designing a new home with screens in mind is the best way to make a property unique and functional for a homebuyer. For more architectural inspiration, contact the team at Phantom Screens today.