4 Reasons Why You Should Recommend Custom Exterior Shades to Clients

When you’re designing or building a home, you want to create a structure that appeals to potential buyers. From open floor plans to bonus rooms, it’s important to add some popular features homebuyers are looking for as you plan. Alternatively, if you’re working with a buyer to design their dream home, you want to draw their attention to practical yet unique features that truly make the property their own. 

Custom exterior shades are the perfect finishing touch to any build, and it’s easy to explain to clients. Here are some reasons why these made-to-order outdoor shades are perfect for their future home and your next project:

1. Improved energy efficiency

Keeping spaces cool in the summer and warm in the fall and winter should be a homeowner’s top priority. Windows are usually to blame for heat gain and loss, accounting for 25-30% of residential heating and cooling energy use, according to the Department of Energy. 

Exterior solar shades are proven to enhance the energy efficiency of an entire home, and because they are retractable, they are out of sight when not in use. This offers the best of both worlds for clients wanting to reduce heating and cooling costs without compromising the aesthetic of their property.

2. Privacy

Whether homeowners are spending time indoors or lounging under their patio shade in an outdoor space, they likely want some privacy from neighbors and passersby. Since these outdoor shades are customizable and can be cut to accommodate any size, they are ideal for outdoor patios or porches. An outdoor roller shade is a practical addition to any large area because unlike fabric, it still lets the breeze in. When used on windows and doors, they protect homes from bugs and provide some extra privacy in living spaces.

3. Climate and shade control

Traditional window coverings like shade blinds are cumbersome and difficult to maneuver when you want to let in or block out light. Motorization makes it easy to deploy solar screens. With the touch of a button, your client can reduce glare and UV rays from the sun to enjoy the space while the mesh also acts to trap or block heat from entering. A patio shade system is a much easier alternative to a shade sail or umbrella.

4. Added character

MyMove said it best: Screens can be a bold architectural statement when seamlessly integrated into a home’s design. Custom exterior shades come in a variety of colors, materials, shapes and applications that your client can choose from. Sun shades can be used to create a comfortable one-of-a-kind all-seasons patio or as custom window and door screens that are sure to make their home stand out from the rest.

Encourage your clients to add custom exterior shades from Phantom into their design project, as they can increase the curb appeal and overall functionality of a property’s indoor and outdoor spaces. Contact us today to learn more about our custom screens or browse our case studies to see how builders have already been using our products.