Enhance your outdoor living space

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Create a tranquil space in your backyard that you can enjoy in private. Nothing is more relaxing than enjoying the summer breeze in a hidden hammock or enjoying a glass of wine on the patio after a long day at work. Instead of making your patio stand out, why not make it blend in with your natural surroundings? If you enjoy your privacy while at home, ensure that your patio follows suit. Whether you want to separate your patio to create more privacy or plant foliage to naturally shade your land, you’ll want to find the best ways to work with the architecture of your home and the size of your outdoor living area. Take a look at some ideas for enjoying your space without being bothered by neighbors or onlookers, and experience being truly relaxed in your backyard.


The most natural way to create privacy is through your landscape. Beautiful flowers, hanging baskets or large, shady trees are all ways to achieve tranquility within a space. Design your patio around hedges and trees, but make room for small paths to maneuver around. If you’re going to create your very own “secret garden,” note that there is going to be a lot of upkeep so it doesn’t turn into an overgrown yard. Use brightly colored flowers to give your space a pop – you may even attract some wildlife to your new haven.


There are many ways to keep your patio private with the help of décor. If your architecture doesn’t support walls or fences, consider other options. A lattice, pagoda or trellis could be the perfect option for keeping the décor of your patio in line with your indoor design. All can be easily moved around in your space, depending on where you seek the most privacy. Decorate your pagoda or trellis with flowering vines or drapery, creating a light and airy feeling in this sanctuary. There’s also the option of a canopy that provides shade and an intimate feeling for small spaces. Now you can curl up with a book with no disturbances!

Screening hints

If your patio is in plain sight, don’t worry. There are ways to conceal and turn your favorite place to relax into a secluded area. You may want to use a retractable screen to enclose your space. This way, you can close the screens for privacy and open them to get some fresh air. Phantom’s retractable screens are custom made to shield wide openings from harmful UV rays, creating a relaxing place for you and your family to relax during the hottest times of the day. Retractable screens can also help keep gusts of air from ruining a dinner party or gathering. Not only will you be protected from the sun’s glare and other elements, retractable screens can create a space for you to enjoy without compromising the view of your garden or outdoor swimming pool.

Add personalized details

Find some items you can add to your patio that make it a true retreat. Whether you want to install a hot tub for cool nights or a fire pit for storytelling and snacking – the options are endless. Remember to enhance your patio with things that make you happy. Maybe this means a comfortable rug to rest your feet on or a few blankets that are stored away for chilly days when you want to relax outdoors. These touches make your place unique and charming.