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The Benefits

The Phantom door screen you know and love, now with added protection! In addition to our standard retractable door screen benefits of allowing fresh air in, and keeping bugs out – adding mesh lock can help with wind, keeping pets in or keeping crawly critters out.

Our latest option for door screens to make your life a little easier. This feature completely secures the mesh in the top and bottom tracks to prevent small pets from escaping, unwanted pests from entering and mesh blowouts. Phantom’s retractable door screens with mesh lock delivers even more comfort for your peace of mind.

Added Protection

If your door screen is subject to pets, pests, wind, or debris, our mesh lock option is the perfect choice for you. This new feature prevents small pets from escaping and unwanted pests or critters from entering, keeps out debris and prevents blowouts.

Reinforced Mesh Corners

Proving added stability and long-term durability, reinforced mesh corners will extend the life of your screen. So you can enjoy the scenery without worrying about the screen-ery.

Peace of Mind

The mesh lock option helps keep your pets from escaping and other pests and critters from entering, providing homeowners peace of mind without sacrificing access to that fresh air feeling.

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Explore the possibilities

If you’re looking for an added measure of protection and peace of mind, Phantom’s mesh lock is the perfect choice. 

Phantom’s door screens with the mesh lock feature have an integrated quick-release thumb latch in the handle – making it easy to use, quiet to operate, and secure from unintended openings

A single screen can cover openings up to 4ft wide and 8ft high, while two screens can fit openings up to 8ft wide and 8ft high.

Fits all door types including single, in-swing, out-swing, double-French and sliding patio doors.

Phantom’s door screens are available in one of our ten ready-to-order standard colors. Need more options? Decorative wood grain finishes and custom color options are also available, so your screen can effortlessly blend into your home design and style.

Phantom door screens with mesh lock are available in insect mesh, to keep those bugs at bay!

When you get your new screens installed, you’ll hardly notice the installation process. We stand proudly behind our stance on “never DIY, always WDIFY” (we do it for you). Besides, we know what we’re doing, we’ve had over 30 years to work out all the bugs (literally). Backed by our industry-leading limited lifetime warranty, having fresh air installed is easy-breeze-y.

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