Modern Day Marvel in Las Vegas, NV

About the home

This state-of-the-art New American Remodel® 2019 home showcases new sustainable products and system integration that enhances long-term cost effectiveness and maximizes performance. Designed and constructed by studio g ARCHITECTURE and Luxus Design Build, architect Michael Gardner used Phantom Screens to create a space that was designed where “the inside doesn’t work without the outside and vice versa”.

Las Vegas, NV
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The need

With the beautiful home encompassing the indoor and outdoors, the Remodeler wanted a solution to provide comfortable, livable and integrated spaces to create the ultimate retreat.

The solution

13 Phantom motorized screens were installed to reduce solar heat gain and provide shading. The solar screens allow homeowners to conveniently use their indoor-outdoor spaces by the touch of a button.

What makes this project special?

The 2019 New American Remodel showcases how contemporary industry products such as Phantom Screens can be integrated into a remodeled home to provide efficiency, comfort and convenience more than ever before. This 5,200 sq.ft home is the true definition of a modern day marvel.