Sunsational Solar Shade in Kelowna, BC

Kelowna, BC home now protected from the sun with Phantom Screens

About the home

Summers in Kelowna, BC, are famously hot, dry, and sunny, and this family home is no exception. This contemporary home looking out onto the city is in desperate need of shade and sun protection so the homeowners can enjoy dining and entertaining, even on hot, sunny days.

Kelowna, BC
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The need

With the hot afternoon Okanagan sun shining on to their back balcony, the homeowners were limiting their time outside eating and entertaining on their beautiful deck and in need of sun protection.

The solution

13 Phantom motorized screens were installed to reduce solar heat gain and provide shading. The solar screens allow homeowners to conveniently use their indoor-outdoor spaces by the touch of a button.

What makes this project special?

By adding Phantom’s motorized solar shade to the covered patio, the solar mesh now blocks the harsh sun, shielding the family from heat while also extending the lifespan of their furniture and furnishing from damaging UV rays. The screen fully retracts out of sight, preserving the views and the home’s design, ensuring that the beauty of your outdoor space is not compromised.