The Ultimate Garage

About the home

In 2009, Maserati shined a spotlight on the place where cars are parked through a nationwide call for entries in their Ultimate Garage competition. Holger Schubert, a renowned architect and car aficionado, took the challenge and designed his garage specifically for this competition. He was awarded first place for the existing garage category. Schubert’s “garage” is an exquisite space that resembles a museum exhibit of the ultimate man cave of the twenty-first century. As an admirer of art and cars, Schubert designed and built the area to be his retreat, with the Ferrari as the focal point.

Los Angeles, CA
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The need

Schubert required a solution that enabled him to shade the sun and prevent the solar heat from entering the room. In addition, the entire screen had to remain completely hidden when not in use to preserve the architectural integrity of the building.

The solution

What makes this project special?

The screens on this garage are entrusted to protect the home owner, architect, and builder- Holger Schubert’s, 1984 Ferrari 512 BBi Boxer- the first mid-engined road car to bear the Ferrari name.


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