The New American Home 2014: temperature control at the touch of a button

Phantom Screens on The New American Home 2014

Application Highlights

The interiors of The New American Home 2014 were designed to create a seamless integration between indoors and outdoors. Retractable motorized screens that were selected for this project let the homeowners make the most of the expansive outdoor living area and control the temperature in the screened space regardless of the seasons. The specified mesh – Mermet E-Screen 7510 in charcoal bronze color –helps to maintain comfortable interior temperature when screens are lowered, blocking 90% of the sun plus the resulting glare and hot air. At the same time, the screens also help to extend the time spent outside in the evening: when the temperatures outside cool, the homeowners can now simply lower the screens and keep the outdoor living areas warm with space heaters.

Product: Motorized retractable screens
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Builder: Element Building Co.
Architect: Jeffrey Berkus Architect Inc.
Designer: Marc-Michaels Interior Design, Inc.

The New American Home 2014 - open your patios with motorized screens by Phantom

Connectivity to home automation systems

Phantom’s motorized screens are fully integrated into the home’s automation system, making it easy to program the screens to operate automatically whenever needed.

Maintain the design

Recessing the screens made it possible to hide them completely out of sight when not in use. Retracted into the concealed housings, the screens do not detract from the design of the space or the views to outside.

The New American Home 2014 - open your patios with motorized screens by Phantom

“Phantom`s motorized screens are a fantastic product – they allow us to achieve livable outdoor spaces that can be used year round, especially in our type of climate. And from a design perspective the screens are very aesthetically pleasing – it is impressive the way they retract and disappear.”

– Josh Anderson, president of Element Building Co.