Taunton Pool House

About the home

This comfortable, yet luxurious, pool house was designed to host many outdoor events throughout the year. The owner’s dream was that the space be utilized comfortably in any season, and blend seamlessly with the design of the “Modern Mountain” style main house. The facility houses multiple seating and dining areas, as well as a wood burning hearth and indoor gas fire pit. All together, Taunton Pool House is the ideal outdoor living space for entertaining, relaxing, and enjoying the outdoors.

Location: Palmer Pointe, Minnesota
Style: Modern Mountain
Product: Motorized retractable screens

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The need

The home owners needed to protect the pool house against insects and the constantly changing Minnesota weather conditions, without sacrificing design or durability. Additionally, the warmth from the wood burning hearth and indoor gas fire pit needed to be contained in the colder months.

The solution

Phantom’s dual application clear vinyl screens and insect mesh were used to shelter from the wind, keep the pests out, and to control the temperatures inside. Not only do the screens preserve the design of the pool house, but also retract out of sight when not in use. The pool house is now enjoyed in all seasons, despite the weather.

What makes this project special

The dual roller provides the home owner’s with the option to use clear vinyl for climate control, or the mesh which allows fresh air in. What’s best is both perfectly preserve the Lake Minnetoka views.