Phantom’s screens control climate on 7000 sq.ft. deck

About the business

The Deck Kitchen + Bar is a convenient and casual restaurant located in Richmond, BC with an expansive outdoor deck overlooking the beautiful Fraser River, serving comfort fare & cocktails. The building is a hidden gem built over 40 years ago and the prime location is perfect to enjoy the beautiful views, wildlife, entertainment and of course, delicious food.

Lower Mainland, Canada
Property Type:
Product: Motorized wall screens

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The need

With its impressive 7000 sq.ft deck surrounded with over 60 tables (making up 70% of the restaurant’s total revenue), it was crucial for the business owner to find a solution that would allow visitors to enjoy an exciting waterfront dining experience all year-round – while sustaining their income.

The solution

17 Phantom motorized screens were installed to control climate and create a comfortable space for guests. The vinyl screens block the cool river winds, while preserving the beautiful view.

What makes this project special?

After rebranding in 2018, the Deck Kitchen + Bar is Vancouver’s largest deck over the water. The addition of Phantom Screens on the deck creates a space that can be customized to deliver a pleasant dining experience year-round while sustaining revenue for the business.