Phantom’s retractable door screens help to make the most of natural daylight

Retractable screens keep your kitchen and dining room fresh, light, and bug free.

About the home

Product: Retractable door screens
Mesh Type: Fiberglass 18/14 mesh
Location: Millerton, New York
Designer: Stephen Saint-Onge
Style: Country

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Phantom retractable screens that are perfect for French doors

The need

While restoring a historic home, the designer needed to screen the French doors to maintain easy access to the backyard. It was important for the screens to stay out of the way and not block the light from entering the room.

The solution

They selected Phantom’s screens as a functional and design-friendly solution. The solar mesh of the screens blocks the heat from entering the air-conditioned interior spaces, yet maintains the feeling of openness and connectivity to the outdoors.

“We are absolutely delighted with our new Phantom Screens. They do a great job of keeping pests and the hot sun out, while still allowing us to enjoy our beautiful outdoor view. The screens operate easily and close securely with no slamming. Everyone that visits our home wants to know where they can get their own Phantom Screens!” – James Carey, homeowner