Motorized retractable screens reduce solar heat and glare at recreation centre

Phantom Executive motorized screens provide shade from the sun

Application highlights

The west facing wall of windows of Saanich recreation center in BC, Canada allowed excess sun into the pool area of the building during sunny afternoons, resulting in an uncomfortable heat build-up. Our motorized retractable screens, installed on the exterior of the eight windows, enhance the heat reflection away from the window surfaces. The selected mesh, SheerWeave 2360 in Oyster/Beige finish, delivers 90% sun & UV blockage. The result is better thermal comfort and improved safety of the occupants: by eliminating glare from the pool’s surface, the life guards now can easily monitor the pool area.

Location: Saanich, BC
Product: Motorized retractable screens

Automated sun and wind control

An automated sun and wind sensor monitors the brightness level and deploys the screens prior to the sun hitting the west side walls. The sensor also retracts the screens in excessive winds, which staff previously had difficulty monitoring.

Phantom Screens on recreation centre

Phantom Screens on recreation centre

“There is a noticeable difference with the temperature on the deck. I just had the sun and wind sensor installed and found this is making an even bigger difference. Something that we weren’t expecting is in the evening when the sun is setting the life guards were having great difficulty seeing across the deck because of the glare off the water. The screens have made a huge difference. This has greatly increased the safety of the patrons.”

– John McKain, Building Service Worker II Supervisor, Gordon Head Recreation Center District of Saanich, Victoria, BC