Maximizing indoor and outdoor living

About the home

Location: Orlando, FL
Architect: Phil Kean, LLC
Product: Motorized retractable screens

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Phil Kean uses Phantom's retractable screens to create a modern space

The need

The architects wanted to find a way to open up the kitchen, dining and family rooms to the outdoors without having to worry about bugs or strong UV rays. Phantom's retractable wall screens in action

The solution

Phantom’s motorized screens were added to provide a seamless flow from the indoor to outdoor living spaces. The screens allow a good view to the pool and natural ventilation, while keeping out insects and harmful UV rays.

“The SuperScreen 17/17 mesh maintains visibility to the pool area while filtering up to 90% of UV rays. This helps to reduce cooling costs and keeps their artwork from fading in sun.” – Phil Kean