Keeping the bugs at bay!

Open your doors and enjoy the breeze without the bugs - with Phantom Screens

About the home

Living in the countryside can be idyllic – with the possibility of peace, privacy and room to breathe! But living close to farmland meant that Joanne and Gary B. had to keep their patio doors closed to keep insects out.

Their contemporary and custom designed home in Aldergrove, BC, Canada features modern designs and sleek lines and is surrounded by acreage. However, they couldn’t leave their doors open to the outside because of the bugs.

Location: Aldergrove, BC
Style: Contemporary home
Product: Retractable door screens

Screen your double doors with Phantom retractable screens

Complements doorways

The design-savvy homeowners wanted to source screens that fit their large sliding doors but didn’t detract from the architectural singularity of their home. So they chose Phantom’s door screens. Not only did they fit seamlessly with their home’s design, they also stay out of sight when not in use. Our screens proved to be the perfect solution for the couple who really didn’t like having their screens on display.

Phantom Screens for sliding patio doors

Keeps out the bugs

The retractable door screens chosen by the homeowners featured Phifer mesh with a 25% openness – which stops the insects from entering the house, but allows lots of fresh air into their home. And thanks to the mild climate of BC’s coastal region, they can now keep their doors open from early spring to late fall.

Easy opening – secure closing

Our design-friendly screens now connect their living room with a gorgeous outdoor entertaining area – pulling out when needed and retracting into their color-matched housings when not in use. Plus the screens’ durable integrated latch and release handle is easy to use and closes the screen securely to prevent accidental opening in breezy conditions.
“There’s nothing like being able to fling the doors wide open to enjoy the breeze, especially towards the end of a hot summer day. Phantom’s retractable door screens help us do exactly that.” – Joanne & Gary B, homeowners