Fresh air with a view in Abbotsford, BC

About the home

Nestled in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland, this West Coast home is surrounded by farms and ranches. While the quiet, picturesque setting is ideal for this home’s growing family, the rural location is home to many pests and the season changes can be abrupt. This means the doors would often be shut to control the interior temperature and keep out the bugs.

Location: Abbotsford, British Columbia
Style: West Coast
Product: Retractable door screens

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The need

The owners of this family-friendly home wanted protection from seasonal bugs and natural ventilation, but didn’t want a solution which would distract from their double-French entry doors or block their view of the surrounding flats.

The solution

Phantom’s retractable door screens allow the homeowners to keep their doors open during hot summer days, letting in the breeze while keeping the bugs out and outdoor views in sight.

What makes this project special

Phantom retractable door screens are the perfect solution for openings of any size – especially oversized double door units like the gorgeous set on this home!

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