Comfort for the McCarthy Care Center

About the center

McCarthy Care Center in Sandwich, Massachusetts provides short-term care for patients who cannot be safely cared for at home. The Center’s beautiful home-like rooms provide a comfortable environment for patients and their families. To follow health regulations, the Center needed to install screens on any residents’ doors that opened to the outside. The screens needed to provide natural ventilation and insect protection while still letting in daylight.

Phantom’s retractable door screens were installed and open onto a private deck of the resident’s rooms. They now have easy access to fresh air and daylight without having to worry about unwanted bugs. When insects aren’t a problem, the screens can retract out of sight for clear views to the outside.

Location: Sandwich, MA
Product: Retractable door screens

exterior photo building corner

The integrated latch and release handle is durable and easy to use. It closes the screen securely to prevent accidental opening in breezy conditions.