A classic combination of tradition and convenience

Retractable screens at classic New England Farmhouse

Product: Retractable wall screens
Mesh Type: Fiberglass 18/14 mesh
Location: Lincoln, Massachusetts
Architect: Timothy Burke
Style: Contemporary Modern

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Classic New England home, with screened in porch by Phantom Screens

The need

The homeowners loved their traditional New England porch, but biting insects frequently drove them indoors. They needed a screen that would offer insect protection and clear views to the yard without losing the classic style of the home’s architecture.

Farmhouse in Lincoln, MA, outfitted with Phantom wall screens

The solution

Phantom’s motorized screens provide a quick fix to unwanted bugs, and allow the owners to enjoy backyard views from the home’s classic porch.

“Phantom’s motorized screens retract into cavities designed above the openings, completely hiding them from view. This way the screens don’t distract from the simple and elegant design of the porch.”