Mental wellness tips for January

The days are shorter, and depending on where you live, significantly colder, now that the winter months have settled in. There’s no denying that the changes in climate and daylight have a major effect on mental health. Psychology Today estimates that 10 million Americans are affected by seasonal affective disorder

As the condition’s name implies, individuals affected by SAD experience physical and mental fatigue during winter that can be hard to shake. These mental wellness tips will help you overcome the winter blues.

Get creative with your activities

Country Living suggested getting out of your normal routine and signing up for a craft class, or better yet, a group exercise session like Zumba. Physical activity, whether it’s typical exercise or crafting with your hands, is great for your mental health. Turning it into a social activity with others is an extra boost to your mood. 

Switch up your meals

You might be craving sweets and starchy foods this time of year, and they can be hard to avoid during the holidays, but start the year off right by “winterizing your diet,” as Thrive Global calls it. Switch sugary coffee for tea with lemon and honey to boost your immune system. For lunches and dinners add hearty and flavorful soups to the menu.

Let in the light

Light therapy and increasing vitamin D levels is actually proven to lessen the symptoms of SAD, Psychology Today reported. Phantom window screens and manual wall Screens are ideal for letting light in with an unobstructed view. 

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