Sustainability Tips for the Home: Save Money Through Sustainable Practices This Year

Sustainable living is a praiseworthy goal, and there are plenty of reasons to move toward greener practices this year. Namely, the ecological good of living more sustainably often comes with monetary upside.

Using unnecessary amounts of energy is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to determining a home’s carbon footprint. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend improved insulation, programmable heating and reduced reliance on air conditioning as possible correctives. You can take a few simple steps to achieve these outcomes:

  • Install tighter seals around doors, windows and cracks: When air can’t escape from a home, heat stays inside during the colder months. This leads to less spending on heating bills and a reduced carbon footprint.
  • Get intelligent about heating and cooling: One of the main reasons why homeowners are turning to smart thermostats is the ability to make more precise adjustments to temperature based on actual usage patterns. In any season, the savings and reduced energy use can start to add up.
  • Use screen doors and windows instead of relying on air conditioning: When a home has high-quality screens in place on doors and windows, it’s possible to let a pleasant breeze in during the spring, summer and fall and cut AC use. The Department of Energy named screens as a possible energy-saving feature for storm doors.

Make sure your home is ready for the coming warm weather and contact the experts at Phantom Screens for any questions about sustainability-building screens on windows and doors.