Home decor trend-spotting for 2020

It’s a common issue for homeowners: You know you want to do something different with your home’s look, but you’re not sure what. If you find yourself in this pattern of indecision, there’s no need to fret. You can take some of the hottest trends in home decor as a starting point when deciding on your approach for 2020. These include the following:

Fancy window treatments

Making windows look amazing can involve a subtle eye – or it can be all about going over the top. According to House Beautiful, 2020 will see a lot of the latter, with cornices and curtains creating interesting new shapes. You can even make sure your window treatments and screens don’t take up the same space by opting for outdoor retractable window screens.

Bold use of color

While home interiors have often been painted white for years, the winds are changing. Good Housekeeping pointed out that contrast is the new hot concept in design. Dark-colored furniture with light-colored frames may help a room’s look pop. In addition, kitchens are set to receive splashes of color, especially in the form of natural-wood accents.

Dark-painted doors

A white door into or out of a room is neutral in tone. A colorful door, on the other hand, can add more personality. According to Elle Decor, homeowners will be making their living spaces more dramatic in 2020 with dark-colored doors. Pair them with high-quality hardware for a sophisticated look.

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