It’s New Year’s Eve. Time to be silly.

Just because I’m a CEO doesn’t mean I can’t be silly.

In fact it comes quite natural to me. I love to embarrass my husband and children with my own special brand of idiocy. Heck, there are even times in the office when I just can’t help myself and love to throw humorous grenades into the middle of serious meetings. Well, I think they are funny.

And sometimes people actually laugh. To be sure, I pretend they are laughing with me not at me.

If people are overly serious or the situation calls for a more sober approach, I just can’t help myself. I resort to laughter. I’ve been told it’s a defense mechanism. I say whatever is, I’m too old to fix it now.

Anyways, all of this is to explain why in the world I’d put my professional rep on the line and make a silly video for your viewing pleasure.

You probably read my blogpost recently telling you how sad I was to leave the Southern Romance home before demolition work started. But in the midst of my sadness, I couldn’t help myself. My coworker Richard and I cooked up an idea and together we put this little gem of a movie together. I use the word “gem” loosely .

So whatever your plans are for the New Year – don’t forget to include a little bit of silly. It’s truly good for the soul.