2014 looked like it was going to be good. But you won’t believe how awesome it turned out to be!

I’m on page 22 of 365 pages of this new year but I can’t stop thinking about the book called “2014”. #bestyearever.

And being completely honest, I don’t even feel bad about being so freakingly happy about it when I know many others have every right not to agree. But hey, I’ve had my share of crap years too – and they aren’t easy.

But 2014, for whatever reason the good Lord allowed, He sure gave me a gooder of a year. I’m not bragging just really, really thankful and filled with joy about it. So here’s my book report (which includes a few bucket list check-offs thrown in for good measure)

The people not just the house

As you won’t fail to have noticed, I bought a house to restore in Mobile, Alabama! The Southern Romance home is 106 years old and I made it my goal to meet all its past owners. And – as of December 31, 2014 – I’ve met residents from all of the last 93 years! How cool is that?

In my blog you’ve already met Mr. Ford and I also wrote about unexpectedly meeting Myrtle May Morgan, daughter of Mr. Morgan, the owner before the Fords. Best of all you’ll get to meet them too in our next webisode airing on February 15th. I feel beyond spoiled to have met these folks and hear of their stories of days gone by in our mutual home on Rapier Avenue.

Home a long ways away from home

This was also the first year I’ve ever being invited to a US Thanksgiving Day celebration! So I have to give big thanks to my neighbors in Mobile – Palmer & Amy.

And because of that meal, I’ve met many more Mobile citizens who have welcomed me into their homes. The list is endless! Plus other new Mobilian friends – Gaston, Chris, Ian, Jonathan, Catherine, Suzanne, Chuck, Katherine, Sid, Taylor, Jim & Betty, F. John & Jen and the children, F. Ken… to name but a few.

Getting her drivers license

Getting her drivers license

Closer to home

My youngest daughter got her learner Driver’s License so I’ll soon be able to remove the title ‘taxi driver’ from my job description. If you are a parent, you’ll understand my joy. But I admit I will miss our rides in the car talking and hearing about her life.

Much as I hate to admit it, age creeps on for all of us, but that didn’t stop us celebrating my sweet mother-in-law’s 80th birthday with my sister in laws. We whisked her away in the morning to a tea house in quaint Fort Langley and then spent the afternoon all side-by-side enjoying pedicures and manicures in preparation for dinner in our home with her and our husbands – her sons. It was so special

Brushes with the stars

Our company, Phantom Screens held its annual distributor conference in Nashville this year. And if that wasn’t fun enough, it happened to be at the exact same time as the Country Music Awards so of course I let my friend and colleague Carrie talk me into going with her! Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood, Luke Bryant, Miranda Lambert all there. It was incredible.

I experienced my first outdoor concert at the Chateau Michelle vineyard in Woodinville, Washington. We went with most of our high school group of friends (Grad ’82 rules!) to see and hear Boston. They were so good, and the company of friends was even better. Not to mention the awesome Inn we stayed at for the weekend.

And finally, and honestly I’m not bragging, but I got to meet my all-time favorite Christian music artist – Michael W. Smith. ’nuff said and don’t believe my hubby….I did not push him out of the way so that he couldn’t be in the picture too.

1948 Ford pick up truck

1948 Ford pick up truck

Oh and by the way … I bought a truck!

I’m pretty sure there is way more but here is one of the best things to happen to me in 2014. I mentioned the house I bought in the south is 106 years old. The family who sold it to me had it for 80 of those years, and their family name is Ford. Is it only obvious to me that meant I had to go out and buy a vintage Ford pickup? Well I did and soon you will meet her. She’s a beauty – a 1948 Ford F1 truck in the original Ford color, Meadow Green. Sigh. It even matches the shutters and porch color on the house!

Can you see why I am still grinning like a Cheshire cat? What a year. And I would be extremely remiss if I did not acknowledge ‘from whom all blessings flow’. I haven’t deserved any of it Lord, but I am truly thankful for pouring out Your goodness on me’. Thank you and thank you.

I promise You I will try my best to pay it forward.