I missed a plane and found an opportunity

Worrying is something that I am very thankful that I’m not prone to. I never have been and I hope I never will. Now don’t get me wrong: I don’t take not worrying for granted as I haven’t done anything to be this way. It just is.

And you know, I am so grateful that worry doesn’t keep me up at night or suck any joy out of living my life.

Especially when you miss your long-looked-forward-to flight home. But more of that in a mo!

I think the lack of worry has truly been a gift to see the lemonade from the lemons without losing one iota of sleep. Here’s my case in point:

Yesterday my colleague Richard and I wrapped up filming an upcoming TV webisode for our Southern Romance project in Mobile, Alabama. I’ve been on the road since before Thanksgiving as I met my oldest daughter down in Mobile for her college break.

I love Mobile and it really does feel like my home in the South. And although I had an amazing time, it was time to go back home to BC.

But sometimes life has a way of throwing you a curve ball.

You see a traffic jam on the way to the airport caused us to miss our flight. It was nothing to do with spending too much time yapping with Danny Lipford and his team or leaving less than an hour to get to the airport 30 minutes away. Honest, it wasn’t. Really.

We could have worried about it. But a window opened when our door shut.

We changed our flight path to spend the day in LA en route home to Vancouver. What’s in Los Angeles you ask?

Well here’s the joy: we’ve discovered a precious Southern Romance treasure this past weekend. If you’ve been following our historic home restoration you will know we are spending time with the Ford family to extract their family history as they owned the home on Rapier Avenue for over 80 years.

Yet the house is 108 years old.

So who would’ve ever thought that a voice from the past would speak up and say “Hello, my name is Myrtle May Morgan Hartman, I am 91 years old and I grew up in the house y’all bought in Mobile.

“In fact my parents built the house. Any chance we could ever meet? I live near Los Angeles, CA…”

So my friends, if there’s a little wisdom I might impart via this blog post it is this: do not worry about today for tomorrow has enough trouble of its own. And it maybe cliche, but always believe a silver lining nestles in every cloud when things go wrong.

Even when you miss your flight home.

Oh, and one more thing: “Miss Myrtle May, put the tea on, we are on our way!”