Choosing the right screen on a budget

What’s the right treatment for your windows or doors? You need something that will let breezes in but block bugs from entering, and won’t let pets out. The ideal screens for your windows and doors also won’t block out the glorious sunlight when not in use. This adds up to a premium lineup of features.  How can you get this functionality on a budget?

Insist on high-quality installation

While your first instinct when picking a retractable screen for a window, door or other opening on your home may be to do it yourself, having a pro take on the job can be a real advantage. From sizing the job — so you always get the right hardware the first time — to ensuring the job is done to the highest standards of quality, pro installation adds up.

Get a warranty for peace of mind

When you pick a retractable screen for your home, you don’t want to end up paying for another one within a few years. Screens purchased from Phantom Screens come with a limited lifetime warranty, ensuring that their price is exactly what it says on the tag, with no surprises.

Pick screens you’ll always value

High-quality screens that suit a house’s decor while adding to your comfort — and the value of the house in the eyes of potential buyers — will never go out of style. Therefore, when it’s time to choose your window or door treatments, quality equals value.

Speak with Phantom Screens experts to learn more about making the perfect match of home and screen.