Creating comfort for your pet is Paw-sible

Dog lounging by persons feet

A new furry family member is joining your home, there’s excitement and anticipation, but it’s time to pet-proof the house! Chewing hazards should be tucked away, and the pet bowls should be brought out. Here is a list of pet-proofing you can do to help amp up the fun, not the puppy drama.

Paws can open doors too

New pets will take time to adjust to their new surroundings, so be sure to create a safe space to ensure there are no hazards. Covering trash cans or locking cabinets, as well as putting away any medicine, cleaners, chemicals, and food up and out of their reach. Those adorable faces know how to get into trouble, so baby/pet-proofing items might eliminate these risks.

Dog Sitting by back door retractable screen

Sturdier screen doors

Screen doors aren’t just for letting the breeze in but also to help keep your pet cool and content. Our new mesh lock feature helps secure your screens, even if they’re lying in front to sunbathe or pressing a nose to enjoy the fresh air. Plus, it’ll help to prevent any strong breezes from pushing the mesh inward. With captured edges, these screens won’t pop in or out of their frame, even when you open and close the door to let the dog back in for the hundredth time. 

Check your plants with your pets

Houseplants help make your home feel tranquil and cozy but check your plants before you bring a new pet into the house. Some varieties of plants are very toxic to dogs and cats if ingested. Ensure they’re stable for any bumps or exciting play to avoid accidents. 

Keep your house safe and your new pets happy — speak with a Phantom Screens expert to find the best retractable screen for your needs – and perfect for that pet life!