Make Life Better with Retractable Screen Doors

Phantom Screens for Double French Doors

Traditional screen doors are often considered to be an afterthought in the design process, as they have the potential to obstruct the natural light in a home and can take away from the aesthetic of even the most carefully laid out floor plan. However, with the latest innovations in retractable screen door options, a screen system can now roll back into the door frame and out of sight when it’s not in use, setting it apart from its traditional counterpart.

The distinct “out of sight, out of mind” nature of retractable systems makes for a strong selling point for any home, however, the customizable features of each individual unit allows it to be adjusted to the daily needs of any homeowner.

Designed with daily life in mind

No matter what type of door design you plan to utilize, including single in-swing and out-swing, French or sliding patio, retractable screens can be sized to fit almost all standard and oversized openings, with two unit options available for larger ones.

With over 30 varieties of mesh available, once you select which door would be best suited for a retractable screen based on the home’s layout, it’s important to consider the location of the door itself and how exposed it is, as you can select a mesh variety for increased privacy or even to help keep insects out. Depending on the weave of the mesh, you can also control the amount of airflow that the screen generates, reducing household energy consumption over time.

Although the screen systems cannot be locked, they can be customized with two distinct closure methods, a magnet latching system or a latch and release handle. While the former makes for easy in-and-out access throughout the day, the latch can help to secure the screen from any unintended openings.

Phantom Screens for Oversized Doors

Maintenance and upkeep

One of the best features of retractable screens is that by nature, they are protected from potential damage during wet and cold months when they are retracted. When not in use, storing the screen in its protective housing can help to preserve and extend its life. The screens only require a seasonal cleaning with a mild detergent and water no harsh chemicals required.

Retractable screen doors are highly durable, ensuring that with regular upkeep, they can serve a home for years to come. However, accidents can happen. For a small cost, Phantom Screen’s factory-trained installers can easily fit a screen for a replacement mesh and service any other existing issues. 

An adaptable feature for any home

These long-lasting and highly customizable screens can be adapted to suit the needs of any home, and with features ranging from energy efficiency to pest control, they are certain to improve any homeowner’s day-to-day life for years to come. Contact our team at Phantom Screens today to learn how you can utilize retractable screen doors in your next build.