Magnetic Screen Latches or Latching Handles? How to Choose the Best Closure Option for your Space

Phantom Screens Latching Handle with sliding screen hardware

As the seasons change, many homeowners report significant fluctuations in their electricity usage around the house — especially as they begin to crank the heat or turn on the air conditioning in the face of extreme weather. One way to not only help regulate the temperature throughout your home but to also offset the increase in your monthly energy bill is by installing innovative retractable screens. With a durable exterior mounting, these screens can help to eliminate a draft in the winter or to let in a refreshing breeze when needed. Additionally, a wide array of customizable options ensure that homeowners are able to match their personal preferences and needs when designing their home’s screens down to the size, color, and even the type of mesh.

Once you have decided a screen door or window is the right choice for your home, the very first step to take is to understand and select the closure method that makes the most sense for you and your family’s daily needs: a magnet closure or a latching system. Both varieties come with their own unique advantages, so be sure to read on to learn which is best for your own home before you proceed with installation.

Magnetic screen latch
The most well known option is retractable door screens with magnetic hardware. This type utilizes a user-friendly latching system for simple in-and-out access throughout the day.

Latch and release handle
Like magnetic screen latch hardware, a latch and release handle system is not only easy to use, but this reinforced, controlled option is also quiet to operate and promises additional security from the risk of any unintended openings, making it an excellent option if you have young children or pets around the home. Enjoy all of the benefits that come with your new screen while also having the additional peace of mind offered by this super secure hardware.

Choose an expert vendor for door screens

It is important to take the time to understand which closure system and hardware best fits your day to day life. If you, like any homeowner, feel concerned about the potential hassle of another do-it-yourself project or the mess of a lengthy installation, consider reaching out to a professional team such as our own Phantom Screen factory-trained experts who can help to guide you and answer any questions throughout the process, from selecting the perfect screen and hardware all the way to completing installation.

No matter which variety of hardware you select, our products are backed by our industry leading Limited Lifetime Warranty and a promise to ensure your total satisfaction with our retractable screens. Have any additional questions as to which would work best in your own home? Contact our team at Phantom Screens today to learn more about all of the options available when it comes to our retractable wall and window screens.