Canadian Thanksgiving and American Neighbors

Funny thing. I’ve enjoyed country life for over 40 of my 49 years so the concept of ‘neighbors’ doesn’t really exist for me. I mean, sure I have neighbors down the road at the next farm an’ all, but instead of borrowing a cup of sugar from each other, we borrow tractors and fence mending.

But neighbors in the sense of what it’s like living in town is pretty foreign to me.

So imagine my absolute fun in meeting my new neighbors in Mobile on the very first visit after buying The Ford House. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming and eager to share their own home interiors with me to see how they “did” their homes.

Side note, I’ve got some serious design and decor competition on my hands from what I’ve seen in my Oakleigh Garden neighborhood district.

But I’m just so thankful for my new neighbors that I had to share them with you! One family stands out in particular – over time you’ll hear more about them I’m sure and perhaps they’ll even let me post a pic or two of them but for now I’ll keep their names to myself but that won’t stop me from shouting their goodness from the mountain tops.

And I sincerely mean their ‘goodness’ – it being our Canadian Thanksgiving Day today – I can truly say I am so thankful for my new neighbors-turned-friends. In only the few visits I’ve made to Mobile, I and my travel companions (whoever they may be, on which ever trip) have had the joy of experiencing true “Southern hospitality” from them.

We’ve sipped tea on their porch while relaxing in rocking chairs, talking away the late night hours, watching the younger ones play catch or swinging on their picture-perfect tree swing on the front lawn. Heck, even I’ve swung on the swing already – being pushed by my new little young friend to the point of screaming “stop – too high!”

The kids have helped deliver flyers, they’ve mowed my yard, we’ve gone to church together and out for Sunday brunch with their Grandma.

They’ve sold me cookie dough for their school fundraiser, and best of all since I can’t bring the dough home across the border, they’ve promised they’ll bake the cookies for me next time I’m down! Seriously, does it get any better than that?

I could get used to this “neighbor” thing. In fact, I think I already have!

Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving dear neighbors! And to all of my faithful readers – thank you for reading!

May Thanksgiving Day be not a day but a way of living.

The turkey is calling…..until later.

Do you have neighbors and do you love them? What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? As always … leave me a comment!