5 Tips for Creating an Irresistible Backyard for Entertaining

Stone patio with mounted TV and retractable automatic screens

From family get-togethers to casual dinners and bustling parties and gatherings, there’s nothing like warm sunshine, a refreshing breeze, or a sky full of stars. With a bit of planning and a few small changes, it’s easy to make any backyard ideal for entertaining.

First, you have to decide what kind of vibe you want. Is it all about the kids? A comfortable place to enjoy coffee with friends? Or are you looking for something fancier? With this in mind, consider how you want to use the space, and focus on the five following elements.

1. Choose a Focal Point

Center the activity around the most important aspects of your yard. They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, so why not make an outdoor kitchen and fire pit the heart of the backyard? A small counter to prepare food with a built-in fridge is ideal for cookouts. Are you worried about rain? Add retractable screens to your patio. An oversized board game will bring out the kids’ creativity.

Whether your guests are mostly kids or kid-like adults, outdoor games are another great focus. Oversized tumbling tower blocks, giant dominos, ladder jacks, cornhole, and washers are all ideal for big fun for people of all ages.

2. Take a Seat

Large dining table on enclosed patio with retractable motorized screens

Surrounding the focal point with comfortable seating will allow everyone to get involved in the fun. Functional seating can also be used to create zones outside, similar to separating living and dining spaces indoors. Choosing durable, weather-proof furniture will ensure you get to enjoy these comforts for the long term.

Certain hardscaping elements can also double as seating. Accent a bench with lightweight cushions you can stow away when not in use. Incorporating tables makes it easier for guests to enjoy beverages and snacks, while also creating an outdoor living room.

3. Lighting for Ambiance

Lighting is key for a space that is both usable and comfortable. String lights are a popular trend that offers unmatched ambiance, while solar-powered options are easy to install and adjust. You can also consider attaching string lights to your house to keep the entire space illuminated.

It’s also important to light pathways, stairs, and other potential obstacles. Nothing ruins a party quite as quickly as an accidental fall.  You can use small solar-powered lights from the home store. Even better? Consider installing wired lighting that you can control from one convenient location.

It’s also essential to keep the bright light out when the sun is glaring. Phantom’s motorized retractable screens give you the ability to control the sun’s heat with the push of a button. You’ll lower your energy bill and protect your beautiful furniture from fading.

4. Wire Up the Entertainment

Outdoor socializing these days isn’t all about picnic games and lemonade. Thanks to technology, we can bring indoor entertainment outside. Thing movie nights, football watching parties, and karaoke parties.

Retractable patio screens keep your Bluetooth speakers safe from the elements and make it easy to add music to any get-together.  An inflatable projection screen or a mounted TV will let you enjoy the comforts of home while allowing you and your guests to enjoy a year-round connection to nature. And if you’re drawn to high-tech solutions for ideal entertaining, motorized screens are the best way to blend indoor and outdoor spaces.

But don’t forget to turn off the devices and bask in the company of others while enjoying the fresh air. Time in nature provides unmatched benefits for our physical and mental health, whether we’re entertaining a crowd or just ourselves.

5. Landscape with Personality

Stock image of purple flowers in suburban backyard

From reimagining an entire greenspace to adding a few planter boxes, plants go a long way in creating a comfortable and beautiful space. Native plants are perfect for minimizing the maintenance and encouraging showy pollinators to visit. The beauty of a motorized retractable screen is that you can let the pollinators in when you choose and keep the mosquitoes and no-see-ums out. Evergreens will provide year-round interest and are great for creating privacy.

If you’re an avid cook, including herbs and veggies from your own garden will further impress your dinner guests. A butterfly garden will delight little ones, while trees and flowering bushes will provide shade and beauty when lounging.

Whether you’re considering a major overhaul or a few small changes, it’s pretty easy to convert your backyard into an ideal entertaining space. Connect With Us to find the resources to help you decide which Phantom Screens retractable solutions fit best with your project.

With the right focal point and some comfy seating, you might actually have a hard time getting people to leave!

Tara Hickock is an interior designer who also designs and decorates outdoor living spaces. Her designs focus on bringing the outdoors inside to give homes a natural touch. She recently remodelled her own home and created a screened-in sunroom for her guests to enjoy the outdoors, even in winter.