Why Motorized Outdoor Shades are Perfect for Innovative Designs

Phantom retractable sun screen for patio

Innovative design is a unique approach to incorporating the needs of a homeowner through a creative and stylish solution. This ideology is all about utilizing technology to answer complex problems while also paying attention to detail and modern flair, according to Keystone Academic Solutions. Builders, designers and architects have the opportunity to show their love for creation while also taking innovative design seriously, developing spaces that homeowners not only love to look at but also feel satisfied with because they know their needs are met.

Motorized outdoor shades are a great example of innovative design, and smart homes are trendier than ever. Solar shades come with many advantages, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality, and can help turn any house into a home. Let’s dive in.

How do motorized outdoor shades work?

Traditional shades work using a string to lift and descend the shading material. Motorized shades are designed using a n electric motor to move the fabric up and down with the touch of a button. They are guided by a weighted slide bar that runs between a set of parallel tracks on each side of the shades’ opening.

Phantom Screens also offers an automated controls option, which lets homeowners enable sun and wind sensors so the blinds can move on their own when necessary.

What are the benefits of motorized outdoor shades?

Motorized outdoor screens may be pleasing to look at and exciting to use, but they come with many other advantages that can make the investment a unanimous decision among the construction industry during a home build. Some of the benefits include:

Shading the home

First and foremost, motorized outdoor shades allow you to reduce sunlight exposure when it’s seemingly too bright. The remote-controlled shading option can make homeowners more comfortable in their living space and provide the convenience of shading the room in little to no time.

Extending the space

Builders and architects working with a family who likes to entertain can take advantage of motorized outdoor shades. Screens allow them to extend their living area into the cooler months, giving them the chance to utilize the outdoor space year-round. Phantom Screens solar screen option gives hosts and their guests the opportunity to enjoy the weather without worrying about harmful UV rays, keeping the living space cool while blocking the immediate sunshine. In colder months, motorized outdoor shades can reduce heat loss, thus making it comfortable to utilize this space that’s normally avoided this time of year. Phantom Screens also offers vinyl material shades for the cooler months, making it even easier to control the climate. 

Ease of use

As mentioned earlier, controlling motorized screens via remote control or even an app on a smartphone can make a home more appealing and comforting to homeowners. The convenience of pressing a button to lift and descend screens from afar, instead of moving around the house to handle the task manually, makes motorized screens a feature that can truly satisfy a homeowner when moving into a modernized home.

Increased privacy

Many people look to their home and outdoor living space as their own private sanctuary. Outdoor motorized solar shades take an open space and turn it into a cozy nook that gives homeowners another place to sit back and unwind, uninterrupted after a long day.

More versatility

Speaking again to innovative design, homeowners today are searching for living spaces that they don’t get bored with. A home that has room to grow and make constant changes takes the modernized approach to owning a home and loving it for years to come. Motorized outdoor screens offer the versatility that allows homeowners to make the most of their space and play around with different opportunities to entertain. 

How much do motorized outdoor shades cost?

While costs tend to be a common question among homeowners, builders and architects alike, there’s no single definitive answer here. The cost of motorized outdoor shades can vary based on the level of customization and needs of the buyer. For example, a project that has large windows or openings will cost more to screen in than a kitchen with one simple window.

If you’re looking for an exact quote for your current project, you can contact an authorized Phantom Screens distributor.

Where can I get motorized outdoor shades for my next project?

Motorized retractable screens from Phantom Screens can give you the edge you need to complete your next home build or redesign. We have a variety of options to choose from based on size, color, control options and more. Our outdoor automatic solar shades are designed to transform a house, emphasizing innovative design to the next level. We can even create a custom outdoor shade for the home based on your project preferences. 

Interested in incorporating motorized outdoor shades into your next building project? Contact your local Phantom Screens authorized distributor today to learn more about our options