20 years and 20 things

I’m a big fan of lists. I have lists in my notebook, on my computer and even have an app for lists on my iPad. Hey, I even have lists stuck to my fridge. But they’re not always to do lists. Sometimes they’re lists of interesting things!

So I thought I’d share this list of 20 things about Phantom Screens which was created for our 20th Anniversary. It’s kind of fun!

  1. In 1992 only 500 screens were sold. In our peak year Phantom Screens sold over 110,000
  2. We have manufactured over 1,300,000 screens in our 20 year history
  3. Phantom Screens has always been headquartered in Abbotsford, BC, Canada. It started life in 1992 in a single car garage. In 2012 our facilities now measure over 60,000 square feet
  4. 86% of our business is in the US
  5. Phantom Screens employs over 130 people during the course of the year
  6. The company has 105 distributors and has representation in every US state and Canadian province
  7. The people at Phantom Screens have raised over $200,000 for our corporate charities World Vision and the Cyrus Centre
  8. There are 13 nationalities working at Phantom Screens
  9. Phantom Screens now has international presence in Australia, the UK, Asia, the Caribbean, South American and Central America
  10. At full capacity the Phantom production facilities can make over 2,000 screens a day
  11. We used to have an office cat who lived in the finance department at the company’s headquarters. The cat’s name? Phantom
  12. Phantom Screens are available in 1,668 Lowes stores in the US and 180 The Home Depot stores across Canada
  13. Phantom’s longest serving employee is me!
  14. Phantom produces two models of retractable window screens, three types of retractable door screens for standard and large openings, as well as our Executive range of motorized screens
  15. The largest screen the company has ever produced measured 24 ft x 16 ft
  16. The farthest north a Phantom Screen has been installed is just outside the Arctic Circle in Fairbanks, Alaska and the installation which is farthest south is in Tasmania, Australia
  17. The typical Phantom customer is a 48 year old married woman, with a household income of $120,000 living in a 2,800 square foot house
  18. Phantom Screens is the largest manufacturer of professionally installed retractable screens in North America and has the widest range of retractable screen solutions
  19. Over 1,200,000 tons of aluminum is used by Phantom Screens every year
  20. Phantom is founded on four corporate values: to speak the truth, to serve each other, to pursue excellence and to practice stewardship

Executive motorized screens, BC

Executive motorized screens allow the fresh air in to this Vancouver Island home