Behind the screens … introducing the people at Phantom Screens

I think we have some pretty awesome people here. They have worked for a huge variety of companies across the world and have all come on different journeys to find their role at Phantom Screens. Together they’re an incredible team – and I’d like to introduce some of them to you every now and again via this blog.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Katie – the area coordinator in our mesh department. She’s the person who makes sure your screen’s mesh is cut to the right size from the right material and ready to ship on time.

When you talk to Katie, you can’t but help but notice her smile – it’s infectious and she makes me smile every time we meet. When I asked her about it once, she said it stemmed from a fridge magnet that was in her family home that said: “If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours.” It’s obviously a motto she lives by, because all her coworkers comment on how cheerful she is.

Katie loves the people at Phantom Screens – and she looks forward to seeing them every day, although she jokes she probably sees them much more than she does her own family. It’s very easy for me to describe Phantom Screens as a family, but it is genuinely felt by people who work at Phantom. As Katie says: “There’s a really cooperative atmosphere here, with people pulling together as a team, rather than competing against each other.”

It’s very difficult to capture someone in a few words of a blog post, but Katie has amazing enthusiasm and a joy for life which is wonderful to see. She has a quote from Carl Sagan on the wall which she sees every day as she leaves her house which says: “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to happen.” And that really sums up her motivation which stems from a true love of life and a concern for other people. She would love more time to volunteer to help others in need and is always looking for opportunities to give back.

Outside of work, Katie loves reading out loud and storytelling with friends and says she loves to hear how other people bring emotion to stories. All this reading has left her with a wonderful turn of phrase. For example, when I asked her if there was one thing she could tell homeowners about Phantom Screens she said: “I don’t know what I would say to them personally, but everything I do I think of as a thank you letter to the customer.”

How’s that for an embodiment of the Phantom experience? Thank you Katie.