A guide to picture windows 101

Phantom Screens / May 30, 2016

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Picture windows make an incredible addition to any home. They offer views that no other windows can produce and really open up the home, making it seem larger and more open. They also allow the beautiful outdoor scenery to shine through the home.

What are picture windows?

Picture windows are large expanses of glass with no panes. They are fixed, which implies that they can’t be opened or closed like a traditional window. These windows are often found in homes with high vaulted ceilings and installed as an arched window over vaulted areas. Picture windows are often the primary focus of a room and are typically located in a visual focal point. Wherever they are in your home, they’re sure to make a large decorative statement.

Why have picture windows?

While there are a number of reasons to install picture windows in your home, the two biggest benefits they offer are wonderful views of the outdoors and plenty of natural sunlight. During the winter months, these windows are especially beneficial as they naturally help to warm the room, reducing heating costs. Energy efficiency is yet another advantage to these types of windows. They’re tightly sealed around all of the edges, reducing air flow between your home and the outdoors.

How to clean your picture windows

Picture windows require little maintenance – however, they should be kept spotless. In order for you to give yourself and your guests the most flattering and picturesque view, the glass has to be wiped clean. Here’s how to get the best results:

  • The best time of day to clean your windows is when the sun isn’t beating down on them. This way, the cleaning fluid won’t dry and cause streaks or water spots to appear.
  • Place a towel along the bottom of the picture window to catch any drips of cleaning solution.
  • Using a soft-bristled counter brush, dust away any cobwebs or loose dirt hanging on your windows.
  • Combine one part vinegar and one part hot water and take a squeegee to wet the window with the solution. Try to avoid having the mixture touch the window frames.
  • Start in the upper corner of the window and pull the squeegee horizontally across the window. At the opposite corner, turn, lower the squeegee to the water line and pull it all the way across. Gradually work your way down and touch up the edges with a cloth.

The best place for a picture window in your home

When deciding where to install a picture window in your home, turn to the outdoors. Where is the best view located? Because picture windows are designed to give you an expansive view of the outside, you should choose a view that is easy on the eyes. However, if there are no particularly appealing views, many choose to install them because of the natural light and their ability to make a room feel bigger.

Many choose to install them in their living rooms across a blank feature wall, but they also work great in bedrooms, kitchens and even bathrooms. Think about which room you spend a lot of time in and where you would most benefit from a glimpse of the outdoors.