4 unconventional places to install windows

Phantom Screens / May 30, 2016

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Want to transform your home’s indoor and outdoor living spaces into something completely unique? A remodeling project is the perfect opportunity to update your home’s features and allows you complete control over the new design. Windows are a very popular remodeling choice and you can do more than simply replacing your existing fixtures. Installing new windows in uncommon places can create a unique design that lets in plenty of light.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Backsplash

When most homeowners remodel their kitchen they choose creative tile designs for their backsplash. If you’re looking for a more unique option, try working windows into your new design. Whether you go for a thin strip of windows or one taller window, a glass backsplash will allow more sunlight and air into the room. Keep in mind that your kitchen sink and stove must be on an exterior wall and that you may have to find a new location for your power outlets. You can choose designs that are static or ones that open like a conventional window.

2. Corner

Windows are typically spaced evenly throughout the house so that they look uniform from the outside. Over time, modern architecture has become more and more asymmetrical. If you have an eye for modern design and are installing new windows, consider placing one in a corner. No matter the room you add it to, a corner window becomes the focal point of the space. Keep in mind a corner window can’t open, making it a poor choice if you’re looking for natural ventilation. If a corner window is on your checklist, you may want to have nearby windows that do open and close to let in the breeze.

3. Stairwell

You’re not alone – many homes have a dark stairwell with no windows. If you are remodeling, consider installing a window in your stairwell to add natural ventilation and to welcome in sunlight. There are no real rules here about how the windows have to be arranged since the level of the floor changes as you walk up or down the stairs. Think about installing several tall, thin windows that change height with the stairs or go simple with one large picture window.

4. Closets

You probably spend more time in your walk-in closet than you think. Adding a window to your closet is a great way to let in natural light and fresh air. Privacy will be your biggest concern, but there are several ways you can manage. Retractable screens allow you to open and close the mesh shade for added privacy. Lowering the screen while having the window open will let the breeze in and keep bugs and harmful UV rays out. If you don’t care about the view from your closet window but you still want some natural sunlight, frosted glass is another great option.