Vision and Values: To Serve Our People

I’ve already written about how, at Phantom Screens, we have four corporate values which underpin everything we do. Last month I wrote about our value of speaking the truth.

The second value I want to talk about is: to serve our people.

So what’s at the heart of this value? Well, as a corporation, a board and an executive management team, we believe that every person – regardless of personal beliefs or differences – has been created in the image and likeness of God. Now that’s not some nutcase religious philosophy, or exclusive and fundamental approach. Far from it. It’s about truly valuing everyone as individuals – whether they’re a customer or an employee, a supplier or a distributor. Wherever they’ve come from, whatever their beliefs and whoever they are, we believe they are special.

While that sounds all very nice, what does that mean from a practical point of view? From a company perspective, Phantom always strives to ensure our corporate culture fosters a spirit of satisfaction, mutual respect and recognition.

We believe in not only empowering people, but also enabling them to succeed – by giving people the tools and training to develop, we increase their productivity and earnings, and enhance the dignity, self-respect and worth of each individual.

And the same is true for our customers, distributors and suppliers. We believe that the Phantom experience is one that can be shared – and anyone connected with Phantom should be treated and respected equally.

This value provides the basis for our belief in what we call “servant leadership”. We look to continually improve and develop. By being the best we can, and doing the best we can, and investing in the people we have, we will become the kind of business that others seek to emulate.

In short, our people’s personal lives are important to us and cannot to be ignored.

What do you think? Does having corporate values matter? Does it change your opinion of a company? I’d love to read your comments.