The Benefits of Exterior Mounted Solar Shades

Windows are a major selling point for homeowners, landlords and other property owners. And the way those windows are dressed — whether with blinds, shades or drapery — makes a major impact on the entire look and feel of a room. But have you ever considered exterior shades and the effect they could have on a home? This is a trend for architects, builders and remodelers to keep in mind from the design process up until building execution and redesign.

Here are a few benefits of exterior-mounted solar shades to think about:

For unobstructed interior design

Exterior-mounted solar shades can help homeowners execute unobstructed design with ease, since these structures don’t affect the overall design aesthetic of building. Instead of focusing on window treatments, there’s an opportunity to showcase the window, woodwork and framing and leave a blank slate for the natural sunlight to shine in with no issues.

For regulated room temperature

Exterior solar shades are made with fabric that reflects solar energy. Not only does this regulate room temperatures and improve comfort on the warmer days, but it can also lower energy costs by reducing the need to crank up the air conditioning.

For keeping pests at bay

Mesh screens let in fresh air while keeping out insects. This not only makes the space more comfortable and attractive, but reduces the risk of annoying and potentially costly bug infestations. 

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