Don’t close your restaurant’s patio for fall, make it all seasons instead

When customers browse for a place to wine and dine during the summer, there’s one question that often comes up: “Does this restaurant have a patio?” Sitting outside in the sunlight with a cool breeze adds an ambient aspect to the atmosphere and intrigues people to stick around, relax and grab a few more drinks.

This dining experience doesn’t have to end when fall comes around. An all-seasons patio can make a great addition to your restaurant. Here are a few reasons to consider the investment:

It makes your space more profitable

When you think about making money in a restaurant, you know the cash flow depends on how many available seats you have. If you open your patio up beyond the typical sunny seasons, you can get more people in for a bite to eat. Restaurant and hospitality consultants at VSAG found that having a deck or patio can increase your revenue by 30%.

It gives your restaurant character

Think about all of the local competing eating establishments that have patios. Now, take a closer look at all of those restaurants and determine how many of them have an all-seasons outdoor eating area. Set yourself apart from competitors and give customers an option to eat, drink and hang outside during the cozier months. Just add a few outdoor heaters and wall screens to keep things comfortable when temperatures start to drop.

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