Sweet, hope and poodle. And the greatest of these is poodle.

How about that for a random blog post title?

I suppose I should give you a bit of background. Life has been a bit busy here. It’s a combination of summer being the peak season for selling our wonderful Phantom retractable screens and our corporate planning for 2015. Plus I’ve been travelling again… (to Alabama, but I’m keeping my lips sealed on that for the moment).

Anyways, call me crazy but I’m infatuated with the concept of “favorite words”. And now you know my top three! Sweet, hope and poodle. Weird, but true.

I don’t think my mind is wired any differently than anyone else’s. Although if you ask my daughters they might have a different opinion! But I was thinking about my favorite words and tried to analyze just what it is about them that I like. So here goes:


There are so many reasons to like the word “sweet”. Sure, it means nice and cute and tasty. But I love the fact that it has double “e” in the middle. You just can’t help but smile when you say it. It’s got lots of associations with things I love – like sweet tea, sweet pea flowers and Sweet Home Alabama (oops… that was close, sorry.)

Sweet. Go on, say it out loud and I bet you’ll end up smiling.


Now I’m a bit of a fan of Archbishop Desmond Tutu – and more particularly of his infectious laugh. It was he who said: “Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.” That’s so true. We have much to hope for. Hope can sustain us when times are tough. Hope doesn’t mean being unrealistic – rather it means that, with God’s grace, the best outcome will happen. I could write a whole blog post about hope, but I’ll save that for another time.

And the ultimate in favorite words? How about this…


There are oodles of “oo” words. Noodle, for example. And doodle. But while they all sound great, none of them has the innate power and joy of the word poodle. It must be the sound of the “p” at the beginning of the word that does it for me. It’s a joy to say and a joy to hear. And that’s why it’s the greatest.

Oodles of poodles eating noodles. Doesn’t that just make you grin?

By the way, according to my friend Angela, who is a Doctor of Linguistics, I have a bad case of phonophilia (a love of sounds). Who knew there’s an actual word for it?

You learn something new every day.

What words do you love the sound of? And are there any that you hate the sound of? As always, I’d love to hear from you!

Pepe the Poodle: Image courtesy of the Daily Puppy

Pepe the Poodle: Image courtesy of the Daily Puppy