How to check something off your bucket list

Etymology. Nice word that.

It means: “where a word or phrase comes from”. Apparently, no-one is quite sure of the etymology of “bucket list”. It’s only been popular since the 2006 film of that name. Also no-one is quite sure how it links to things that you must do before you die.

Although it’s safe to say that it probably links to another well-worn phrase: kick the bucket.

All this to say, I’m almost off the charts excited to be finally achieving one of my bucket list items.

It’s number 67.

But I’m not going to give you all the details here – in my next post I promise I’ll tell you all about it!  I can’t wait! This blog is meant to talk about Bucket Lists as a concept. Like, why do some people have them and others not? I can’t imagine life without one really.

My bucket list is made up of many kinds of things – wishes, hopes, dreams and crazy notions that will probably never come true yet I always pretend to myself they will. Like opening up a Tea & Garden shoppe or getting my Master Gardener’s degree. And so that’s where life can take you by surprise – and that’s how you actually get to achieve what’s on your list.

You see, I’m a firm believer in seizing opportunities as they arise. Even if you have the tiniest spark of a dream that you want to come true, you can nurture it in your mind and eventually it will grow into something that becomes achievable.

Years ago, when item #67 appeared on my bucket list it seemed so ridiculous it was virtually impossible.  Ridiculous and impossible for me because my dear hubby wanted nothing to do with it. Yup, he squashed that dream like a bug, and almost proud of it. (He’s the grounded one in the family in case that hasn’t come through in my blogs yet). But I kept it on my list, and I kept dreaming and I refused to remove it.

And you know what? Just by the virtue of keeping it in mind, and being open to possibilities that God – or life, or whatever you choose to call it – threw at me, a way to make it happen appeared

So how to check something off your bucket list? My simple answer can be summed up in the immortal words of that song by Journey… don’t stop believin’.

Want to know what bucket list #67 is? Find out next time!

What’s on your bucket list? What have you checked off already? As always I’d love to have your comments…