Open up the Possibilities to the Perfect Door

Blue French doors in country home leading to outdoor space

Ready to make a grand entrance? Your door isn’t just a gateway to your space, it’s also a style statement that sets the tone and mood before you even step foot in the room. Moody, playful, modern, and more, doors come in every style you can think of, add paint colors to the mix, and you might start to feel overwhelmed. But, have no fear, we’ve laid out some popular, effective, and even some surprise options to make your decision a little easier.

Interior Doors 

Sliding, flush, pocket, French, and folding. They might sound like dance moves to some, but these door types don’t just add groove and jazz to your space. Giving your home a unique look while being functional depends on what door you use. So let’s do a two-step and get familiar with some interior door types.

Sliding & Pocket Doors are typically made of glass or wood and are a great option for small spaces like closets and patio doors. They are compact, easy to use, and great when saving space. You’ll see pocket doors for powder rooms as they slide into a pocket rather than alongside, saving you even more space.

Interior pocket doors leading to living space

French Doors will have you saying, “oh la la.” Usually reserved for exterior doors, French doors are a great entry point for grand spaces such as dining rooms and formal sitting or front rooms. Open both doors at once for that dramatic entrance you deserve.

White French doors leading to outdoor space

Folding Doors are another great option for storage and laundry rooms as the compact design allows them to tuck away and out of your way when grabbing off-season clothing or tackling that double-digit load of laundry of the day. 

Textured and frosted folding doors in front of laundry space

Exterior Doors

Your exterior door could be the first thing a visitor sees, or the French doors leading out to your patio space. Barn, French, or Dutch might sound like geographical locations, and these door types open up a world of possibilities, but they also can decide what type of function you need. Find the one that matches your lifestyle and is durable for your climate.

open Light blue front door

Barn Doors can be used for interior and exterior spaces to add a rustic, country-chic style. Paint them to modernize them or stain the natural woods for a more rustic look. Add the hardware, and these doors double as statement pieces.

Dark wooden barn door for interior space

French doors are glass double doors let the light in, for viewing sceneries, and are great for entertaining and bringing the indoors out and the outdoors in. Open both doors wide open to let the fresh air in.

Dutch doors are perfect for pet owners and families with small children. These half split doors let the light and fresh air from the top half while providing security for the bottom half. Paint it an adorable pastel and live out your cottage core dreams. 

Light blue Dutch front door

Enjoy the door without the distraction

With all these doors open, you’ll invite in more than just your party guests. A Phantom Screens retractable screen blends into your home decor flawlessly. So you can keep pesky bugs out while still enjoying the fresh air. Our retractable screens are completely customizable for any door type, perfect for seamless integration. 

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