Maximizing your small outdoor space

Summer’s right around the corner, and with better weather comes the desire to spend more time outside. If your outdoor living space is limited, however, you may feel less inclined to retreat there during the season of sunshine.

Thankfully, you can still create an outdoor oasis if your patio is small. Consider these tips:

Use an outdoor rug

Outdoor rugs have the ability to define the boundaries of a living space while also giving your patio personality. With so many different styles and fabrics to choose from, you can find an option that flows seamlessly with the rest of your patio design and decor.

Grow vertical plants

If you want to add a new dimension to your patio while embracing the environment, vertical gardening is ideal. Better Home and Gardens magazine recommends climbing roses or morning glories, two options that naturally grow around structures.

Invest in multipurpose furniture

When you don’t have enough room for a large patio set, multipurpose outdoor furniture can help you save space without suppressing the style. A sofa that also functions as a storage bin, for instance, can provide comfort, character and convenience.

Let the outside in

Make the transition from inside your home to your patio space smooth and seamless with Phantom Screens. From in-swing and out-swing options to sliding patio and double-French doors, there’s a solution for your small outdoor living space. A mesh door screen allows your home to be an extension of your outdoor space, keeping bugs out but letting the fresh air in. Now, you can enjoy everything nature has to offer even if your backyard offers limited space.